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Giving back

It is great to grow, to expand, to reach your ambitions. It is also great to see that the progress is registered. But you are able to do this once you share and give back to the society. And before we reach our most challenging goal – having a product recognized internationally, we start by giving back to the society.

Easy way of learning programming

Easy way of learning programming

Each Sunday our office is the learning ground for 15 students that want to learn to program. We make sure that they have the right environment and attitude to assimilate as much technological information and development concepts as possible.

You can join as well.

Everest Romania Expedition Logo

What is your Everest?

Each of us has an Everest to climb during a lifetime. Some of us have more than one peak, and it is a long ride, a hard expedition, full of danger and only some are reaching the top.

A great team has presented us their Everest, their ambition. Tibi, Adrian, Oana and Stelian will climb the Everest in June 2014. The opportunity to support such an ambitious expedition, where this amazing team will be on top of the world, made us jump right away on board and see how we can help. We managed to improve their existing site, tried to spread the word and made sure that their project can be reached by thousands of online visitors.

Everest Romania Team

In order to eXceL you need to work hard, take great risk and focus on your highest ambitions. We ask you “What is your Everest?” and in case you so not have one yet defined, maybe it is time to start with Everest Romania –


We turned 2 years

We always say “Enjoy the ride” to all of our new colleagues. Why we say it? Because without:

  • joy
  • ambition
  • laugh
  • positive attitude
  • hard work
  • commitment
  • seriousness

we would have not made it to 2 years. And we will make it to 3 years, 10 years, 30 years and more. It is important to realize that XL Team is for the long term, it is a company to grow, it is a company to believe in, is a company that has the perspective and focus to achieve the hall of fame.

But a company is not a company without its people. Thank you to all of you for enjoying the ride everyday…

Together with the team blowing the XL Team cake

Together with the team blowing the XL Team cake


Logo Mobile World Congress 2014 Barcelona

Mobile World Congress 2014

What an inspiring event Mobile World Congress 2014 was. Being present at MWC 2014 made us more ambitious and focused on the expansion plans we have planned for this year. If you have not been in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, we can assure you that you would have been amazed by the magnitude of the event - 8 halls full of companies from the IT & C world, each trying to capture the attention as many of the 80.000+ visitors that have been between 24th and 27th February. Product launches, especially the brand new Samsung S5, which got XL Team-ized at the  launch event by our blogger friend Stefan Rosioara.

Samsung S5 with

For us at XL Team, being part of the 14 Romanian companies that were located in hall 6 stand 6H40, between the big guys like Panasonic, SAP and HTC, was an event where we showcased the latest projects we have developed for our Dutch, Belgium, Romanian and British companies. We are looking to expand even further this years, over the Atlantic Ocean. More projects and launches to come from us this year. Stay tuned.

The launch event of Samsung S5 at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014

The launch event of Samsung S5 at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014