Happy Birthday, XL Team!

On a cold Monday morning, on 13th of February 2012, we opened our Bucharest office. With only two programmers and a 70-square office, but more determined to succeed than we had ever been before, we grew our team with two people every six weeks, reaching a total of 23 people after just three years.

Project after project, success after success, we grew stonger, learned valuable lessons from our own mistakes and gradually became a mature company, ready to turn its own business ideas into reality.

After these three years, we no longer use our phones while driving, we efficiently avoid any bumps in the road and feed our pets with online-bought food. In other words, we improved our lives and people’s lives in general by launching a series of personal projects, including Gropometrul, Taximetrul, Astropet and our beloved SafeDrive. For the next years, our core goal is not only to grow our current projects into successful businesses, but also to keep on innovating and to launch new projects, in an attempt to make the world a better, safer and more efficient place.

We came so far in these 3 years and would like to thank you guys, the ones that form XL Team today, but also the ones that have left us. Without the Team we would have not been here. We would also like to thank our customers and our supporters, who had faith in us since our early days in Bucharest.

Happy Birthday, XL Team!

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