How to build and grow an amazing UX team

A couple of weeks back I’ve went to DevTalks – an event for the romanian IT Community – to talk about “How to Build and Grow Amazing User Experience Teams”.

In short, this were the key points of my presentation:

1. Hire wisely.

When you hire, try to overlap the skills of your team members so that everyone has a little bit of knowledge about what others do.

For example: a UX professional should have very good design skills and medium to good HTML/CSS skills. Of course, some JavaScript wouldn’t hurt. A designer should know some UX parts and also how a front-end developer does his thing to implement the designs.

2. Prototyping and feedback.

Great teams don’t work in the shadows until they finish a project. They try to prototype and get feedback as soon as possible for everything they can.

3. Delivers often and quality

Every UX team should be focused on delivering top quality work in a fast paced environment. Sometimes we feel the need to cut the quality because we are on a tight deadline, but maybe we could break the task in little pieces so that we can deliver quality faster.

4. They Pause

From time to time it’s good to leave the work aside and go experience things for yourself. Go and interact with new things and new people. Go and see new places. A lot of good things may come from a break. How else could you facilitate experiences for others if you don’t get enough experiences for yourself?

5. Choose wisely when to collaborate and when to isolate

This one is pretty simple: sometimes we need to collaborate with others so that we can get things done and sometimes we need to go in a quiet room so that we can think and analyse our gathered data. The trick is to know when to work with others and when to isolate yourself.

6. They talk about the net effect of the product

This is what drives an amazing UX team. The change a product brings in the lives of it’s users. Does it save lives? Does it save time? Or, maybe both?

Users like products that look and work very good. But they love the products that look, work and bring some magic into their lives.

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