Carmen, Radu and Tudor at the finish line

Run Forrest, run !

What a tremendous achievement happened on Sunday, 18th of May, when 4 of our colleagues had run the Bucharest Half Marathon. It is awesome to surpass your limit, to achieve your goal. Some accomplished 5 km, others managed to cross the 10 km line and even the 21 km. Each of them is a champion, an over achiever. Congratulation to Alma, Carmen and Radu, all of them are champions and deserve a big applause. This autumn we will do it again, maybe even in a greater number.

To all of you, Run Forrest Run!

Always looking for great developers to join our team

IMG_1871Alma finishing the 5km run

Start & Finish line for Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon

Start & Finish line for Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon


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