Working hard and playing hard

Since day one at XL TEAM I have been introduced to a lot of great mottos. I didn’t pay special attention at first, but I had soon discovered they are ¬†really¬†deeply rooted in our company’s culture.

The motto

In the stressful and rapidly changing world of IT, promoting the virtues of hard work is next to impossible without providing a healthy counterbalance at the workplace. Injecting a dose of play in the work day was the best and most engaging balance I have experienced.

From the very beginning, “Work hard, play hard” is one of the greetings each of us receive in the warm welcome to the team.

Along the ride, this motto went well outside the workplace, and the playfulness become part of our lifestyle. We’re not only co-workers, but real friends. For the International Women’s Day, Rares dared to organise a party to celebrate our respect and appreciation for our women colleagues. It couldn’t been easier! We discussed with the team, which supported us to rent a bus and surprise the girls. The party afterwards… a one to remember :)!



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